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Paris Restaurant Reviews

Paris Restaurant Reviews November 2007 During our Thanksgiving vacation in Paris, France we emphasized Bistro style restaurants, primarily in the Marais district. As expected, it’s easy to find absolutely terrific food in Paris. However, we did manage to uncover a place to two that were […]

Paris Day 6: Thanksgiving

Paris Day 6: Thanksgiving 22 November 2007 It’s Thanksgiving Day in Paris. In addition to another day of exploration in the Marais district and a trip to Musee d’Orsay, we’re putting considerable thought in to what type of establishment would be serving up our not-so […]

Paris Day 5

Paris Day 5 21 November 2007 We were sitting in Le Petit St. Paul, a small bistro south of Place de Vosges, after we had begun sipping wine from the small lunch time carafe that was our treat, but before lunch itself had arrived, when […]

Paris Day 4

Paris Day 4 20 November 2007 The temperatures are increasing along with the amount of rain, but we have finally managed to crack the secret to getting around Paris at least partially. Line 1 of the Metro, which runs East/West is at about 75% capability, […]

Paris Day 3

Paris Day 3 19 November 2007 We had big plans to eat at Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athenee last night, which were dashed by the absolute inability to get any transportation across town. Taxis? Non. Metro? Non. Private Driver? Oui, only 450 US DOLLARS! […]

Paris Day 2

Paris Day 2 18 November 2007 We departed San Francisco at about 3:30pm on Friday and arrived in Paris, Charles de Gaulle ten and one half hours later on Saturday at about 11am.  Basically, an entire night has been missed.  The secret, we’ve found, is […]

Paris Day 1

Paris Day 1 17 November 2007 Woo-Hoo!  The Eagle has landed … In Paris, that is!  Laura and I are in Paris for Thanksgiving week this year, and after less than 24 hours on the ground in Paris we have settled in to our routine.  […]

Paris Bound!

Paris Bound! Laura and I have a trip to Paris coming up soon, and I hope to document at least a few unusual culinary discoveries while we are there.  My goal is to find some low key, high quality restaurants that aren’t well known, rather […]