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Current Events

Welcoming 2010 in San Francisco!

Welcoming 2010 in San Francisco! 2010 is here and another three days of “living la vida loca” in San Francisco is in the record books! New Year’s Eve is one of the few times that virtually all of the streets in San Francisco are flooded […]

Dinner at Josiah’s/Sent Sovi

Dinner at Josiah’s Josiah Slone is the Chef and owner of Sent Sovi, a high end restaurant in Saratoga, CA that was previously owned by David Kinch, now of Manresa in Los Gatos.  One of the angles Josiah uses to put his own mark on […]

Stepford Chefs

  Stepford Chefs I’m catching up on my favorite TiVo’d Food Network shows and settling in for another excellent 30 minutes of Chef Robert Irvine doing his magic, when what to my wondering eyes should appear but another over-exposed celebrity, Michael Symon.  It’s not enough […]

Something’s Fishy

Something’s Fishy Farm raised fish, like salmon and trout, help us to avoid depleting our natural fisheries. For example, if I eat a farm raised salmon, that’s one less wild salmon that will be dragged out of the ocean before it’s had a chance to […]

Be Elsie

Be Elsie My last blog entry was a rant about obnoxious behavior on reality TV. I did, in fact, watch the first season of Hell’s Kitchen and feel compelled to highlight the bright light of that entire season. One of the contestants in the first […]

Nightmare on Reality Street

Nightmare on Reality Street When Survivor first aired eight years ago, I would not have guessed that nearly every channel, even on satellite, would air some kind of reality show. I understand the fascination of watching “real people” in unusual situations. How will they handle […]

Resumé: Impossible

Resumé: Impossible Dang it! I live on the crumbling edge of food show addiction. The Suits at the Food Network know this and have succeeded in creating a dangerous serial viewer who needs his fix. One of the frequent indulgences that fills up my TiVo […]


Myth – UPDATE/BAD NEWS Here’s some bad news for San Francisco food lovers. According to the SF Chronicle, Myth (located on Pacific Avenue) was just sold and as part of the transaction, Chef Sean O’Brien and Sommelier Alex Fox will both be leaving. I’ve raved […]

Food Cops & Crooked Reporting

Food Cops & Crooked Reporting The Wall Street Journal featured a story yesterday morning about government and industry collaborating to create systems to prevent outbreaks of food born illness.   The article pointed out that beef is becoming increasingly safe, citing reductions in the number of […]

Pigs & Ketchup

Pigs & Ketchup 10/2/2007 Couldn’t resist mentioning a couple of blurbs from today’s Wall Street Journal: First, in anticipation of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing next summer, the Chinese government is establishing a special program to raise pigs specifically for Olympic athletes.  While I don’t […]