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Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken and Rice)

Arroz Con Pollo (Chicken and Rice)

This is a totally awesome dish that transforms an original Spanish version into an American comfort food, with a nod from the New World in the form of tomatoes. 

Danish Pancakes (Crepes)

Danish Pancakes (Crepes)

My Mom used to make these thin, crepe-like pancakes when we were kids and we would scarf a dozen or more each.  That kept HER busy and us kids happy.  In those days, our favorite fillings were different types of jams – apricot, raspberry, strawberry – whatever was on hand.  Then, we’d drizzle them with maple syrup.  Although my Dad was more a Karo syrup kind of guy.

Now, decades later, I still use exactly the same recipe for the pancakes, but I prefer fruit fillings – bananas, peaches, or berries.  And I still drizzle ’em with maple syrup!

The Art of the Dog!

The Art of the Dog!

Check out The Art of the Dog; a series of posts describing some unique, and really good, hot dog recipes!  Two of the creations that are part of this series include a BLT Dog, which is a hot dog with bacon, lettuce and tomato and […]

Kindle-izing Cooking

Kindle-izing Cooking For Christmas this year, my lovely wife delivered into my hands a new Kindle!  If you don’t recognize the name, a ‘Kindle’ is an electronic reader for books manufactured by Amazon.  Basically, you buy a book from Amazon in electronic format, and it […]

A Caribbean Lunch in the Sun

A Caribbean Lunch in the Sun I’ve received a lot of nice feedback for the Caribbean lunch we served last Friday, August 7th, (plus requests for recipes) from many of the team.  On behalf of Rose, Dave, Joanna and myself: Thank You!  We’re glad you […]

Apples, Plums and Pigs

Apples, Plums and Pigs We have a Fuji apple tree in our backyard that is just starting to deliver ripe apples.  Of course, the problem with large apple trees in your backyard is that there is no way the apples can possibly be consumed by […]

Dinner at Josiah’s/Sent Sovi

Dinner at Josiah’s Josiah Slone is the Chef and owner of Sent Sovi, a high end restaurant in Saratoga, CA that was previously owned by David Kinch, now of Manresa in Los Gatos.  One of the angles Josiah uses to put his own mark on […]

Is That Really Pepper?

Is That Really Pepper? Fresh pepper (along with salt) is one of the easiest, high impact spices you can add to your food. Naturally, I go through a lot of pepper. I own about a half dozen different pepper grinders, each purchased with the dream […]

Sous Vide

Sous Vide (pronounced “Sue Veed”) Let’s say you want to cook a largish piece of meat.  The traditional approach is to put the meat in a roasting pan or dish and set the temperature according to a recipe or experience.  Then set the timer for […]

Salt, Part 9 (final): Don’t Eat Food Without It

Salt, Part 9 (final): Don’t Eat Food Without It

Salt, Part 9 (final): Don’t Eat Food Without It Salt is an essential mineral that we can’t live without. Salt has an important role in the history of man, and even today is used as a large-scale delivery vehicle for iodine, essentially medicating the entire […]