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Hana Hou

Hana Hou Hana hou. To do again, repeat; encore. [From the New Pocket Hawaiian Dictionary by Mark Kawena Pukui.] My life is fully scheduled, filled with people to meet, decisions to make, children to tend to and adventures to be had. But what if life […]

Rabbid Penguin Guitar Heroes

Rabbid Penguin Guitar Heroes For the first time in my adult life, a gaming console has found its way into our house.  With four boys between 6 and 14, tight control of the “video experience” is all that stands between family harmony and factions of […]

Where’s Chris?

Where’s Chris? I’ve been quiet and it’s not because I’m losing interest infood or my blog! There’s a major project underway behind the scenes that has consumed every available minute of your erstwhile writer and faux chef. Here’s what is going on: A visit to […]

Yaaay, an iPhone!

Yaaay, an iPhone! This has nothing to do with food (well, at least not yet), but I wantonly upgrade from a perfectly good blackberry pearl to an Apple iPhone. The iPhone is pretty sweet and does all of the usual smart phone stuff like calendars, […]

Carmel and Thom Gregg

Carmel and Thom Gregg Laura and I recently had dinner in Carmel, which is one of the truly ritzy towns in northern California. I doubt you can touch any property in Carmel for under a mil, and the town is located adjacent to Pebble Beach […]

What else is in Santa Cruz that I don’t know about?

What else is in Santa Cruz that I don’t know about? Every time I think I know the lay of the land in the Bay Area, I discover that after 25 years I remain a neophyte.  I’ve been to Santa Cruz countless times in the […]