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Where’s Chris?

Where’s Chris?

I’ve been quiet and it’s not because I’m losing interest infood or my blog! There’s a major project underway behind the scenes that has consumed every available minute of your erstwhile writer and faux chef.

Here’s what is going on: A visit to the recipe section of my website will reveal that only a fraction of the section is populated with recipes. Many of you have asked me what’s up with that, and over the holidays I planned to add a batch of new recipes so that every section would have at least one recipe. With great energy, I attacked this problem, only to discover many hours later that my efforts had moved only a few recipes across the transom and onto the site.

So I studied the problem. And as engineers naturally do, I concluded I could build a better site for serving recipes if I developed it myself instead of using an off the shelf site-builder. What an education this has been! HTML,Flash, ColdFusion, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, MySQL, Navicat, RealBasic, CSS, and Photoshop. These are the tools and programming languages required to get successfully to the Not Done stage!

Will the result be a totally cool, new site? Absolutely! Will it be done real soon? Hmmmm, not so sure about that! The new home page is almost ready to post, with the recipe section a month behind that. But,when it’s done? So sweet. Life is good when software and cooking are served together!

– Chris

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