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Yaaay, an iPhone!

Yaaay, an iPhone!

This has nothing to do with food (well, at least not yet), but I wantonly upgrade from a perfectly good blackberry pearl to an Apple iPhone. The iPhone is pretty sweet and does all of the usual smart phone stuff like calendars, contacts, camera, etc. However, it’s missing some basic functions like cut and paste, searching through contacts by typing in part of a name or company, and synchronizing notes between the phone and the computer. Email was really difficult to set up, and I’m still not 100% sure its really working. And, it’s tough to type on the virtual keyboard with my big thumbs. On the plus side, it has a fabulous google mapping app, a dedicated youTube app, a built in music/video iPod and a web browser that works identically to what you see on a computer. Now I can update my website on my phone – the cost has been justified!

After spending a good part of the morning yesterday installing, configuring, testing, swearing, fixing and ultimately declaring success, I took a moment to reflect on the number of Apple products that have made it into our home in the past three years. Entering 2004, I owned zero Apple products and considered Apple a bit player in the world of computers and consumer electronics. Then, I happened to become the executive in charge of a chip that Cypress Semi sold to Apple for a “circular touch pad” in this weird looking thing called an iPod. I’m always game for trying out and end customer’s products (try that with a WAN telecom switch …!), so Laura and I sprang for a pair of iPod Minis and an iTunes account. Let’s fast forward to September 2007 as I write this blog on my MacBookPro listening to music on my iPhone and take an inventory: 3 iMac G5s, 1 MacBookPro, 1 MacBook, 1 iPhone, 2 iPod Minis, 3 Video iPods, 4 iPod Shuffles, 5 iPod Nanos and an iTunes library with over 4000 songs and videos! And its not over! Every iPod we own is now an “old” model, even after three or four rounds of buying new models! Apple has created a machine that sucks money out of my pocket and then entices me back six months later to let it happen all over again. And again.

Amazing …!

– Chris

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