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Yountville Celebrity Chef Birthday Tour – Part II

We kicked off my 48th birthday celebration this year with dinner at Zuzu in Napa, and picked up steam from there.  The crescendo meal for the weekend was a mid-day dinner at the French Laundry in Yountville, a three start Michelin restaurant owned by Chef […]

The Art of the Dog!

The Art of the Dog!

Check out The Art of the Dog; a series of posts describing some unique, and really good, hot dog recipes!  Two of the creations that are part of this series include a BLT Dog, which is a hot dog with bacon, lettuce and tomato and […]

San Francisco Tapas Crawl Redux

Almost one year ago Laura and I embarked on our original San Francisco Tapas Crawl (see my blog entry describing our adventure), inspired by an article in the San Francisco Chronicle.  Tapas crawls are exciting – new restaurants, no reservations, no schedule, and no expectations […]

Basque Food in Winnemucca!

Basque Food in Winnemucca! One thing is true in life: You learn something every day. We made our Christmas trek to Idaho to see the Parents & Siblings & Cousins for Christmas this year.  Since our primary -and only – mode of transport was car […]

Tapas Crawl in San Francisco

Tapas Crawl in San Francisco

Click here to see other Tapas Crawls! Tapas Crawl After reading a recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle about a Tapas Tour of the City, Laura and I got excited to try that one for ourselves!  As you’ll see by reading thru the blow-by-blow […]

Customizing Sent Sovi

Customizing Sent Sovi For our most recent wedding anniversary, Laura and I thought we’d try something different and turned to one of our favorite south bay chefs, Josiah Sloane at Sent Sovi in Saratoga.  Josiah is very accessible and responds quickly to emails or you […]

A Caribbean Lunch in the Sun

A Caribbean Lunch in the Sun I’ve received a lot of nice feedback for the Caribbean lunch we served last Friday, August 7th, (plus requests for recipes) from many of the team.  On behalf of Rose, Dave, Joanna and myself: Thank You!  We’re glad you […]